Here a chick, there a chick…

We currently have a plethora of chickens here at the farmstead. From babies to teenagers to young adults to senior citizens we’ve got ’em all.

We’ve got 10 “meaties”, as I call them. These are Cornish Cross, and will be meeting the butcher block in another week or two. They are very fast growers and ready to be butchered at about 5 to 6 weeks. 

We have 10 brand new baby Black Copper Marans – the little black guys. They will lay very dark chocolate colored eggs. Our marans have been dwindling over the last couple of years, so we need to replenish the stock. Our egg customers love getting those dark eggs in their cartons. The other chicks in the above picture are two Buff Orpingtons and six unknown birds we got from our friends at Lake Lotawana – they always purchase a few birds for their annual Easter celebration, then after Easter they give them to us. I think this is the third or fourth year we’ve received their Easter birds. Usually they are dyed blue, green, purple, orange and red, however this year Tractor Supply didn’t have dyed birds, so the kiddies at the lake had to make do with natural colored birds.

One of the spring projects we’ve been working on is a new chicken coop. Here is one of the ladies in the new coop thinking pretty seriously about laying an egg.

I think we’re going to like these new laying boxes. We’ve put plastic wash tubs in each box and lined them with fresh straw. Much easier to clean.

Of course, there’s always got to be at least one lady who insists on laying her eggs in an inappropriate spot. C’mon girls, in the boxes, please!

I don’t have names for all of our birds, as we just have too many to keep track of, but this gal needs to have a name. She is very friendly and is usually the first one out the door when we let them roam free. In fact, she’s been known to scoot out the door when we’re not looking, so maybe Houdini would be a good name for her.

Here is a nice basket of eggs! White, brown, blue and green.

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